Games delivery authority clears legislation hurdle

Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre. | Newsreel
Legislation has passed to establish the Olympic and Paralympic Games delivery authority which will be responsible for venues. | Photo: Brisbane2032 website

Directors for the new independent Olympic and Paralympic Games delivery authority should be in place by September, after State Parliament passed the Bill to establish the body this week.

With the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games Amendment Bill 2024 now passed Premier Steven Miles said an interim CEO would be appointed shortly.

“Advertisement for up to seven independent directors to the Board that will oversee the authority will soon commence, with appointments expected in September,” Premier Miles said.

He said the authority would deliver new and upgraded venues to be used during the Brisbane 2032 Games and provide significant community benefit right across Queensland.

“Establishing the Authority as a statutory body under legislation will enable it to operate at arms-length from government.

“It will have control over its own funds, have operational independence, and operate within a flexible structure, while being subject to public sector accountability and scrutiny,” Premier Miles said.

He said initial tasks of the Authority would include the continued roll out of procurement for new and upgraded venues, delivery of a Games Coordination Plan, to be in place within 12 months of the authority’s establishment, and a Transport and Mobility Strategy within 18 months.

“The legislation ensures the Authority’s Board will be truly independent. The Bill outlines a requirement for a selection panel, compromised of CEOs from the nine Games Delivery Partners to choose who will be on the Board. The Government will then ratify this decision and carry out the formal process of appointing the Board.”

Premier Miles said the Bill made no changes to the Right to Information Act, or the way it is applied.

“The Authority will not be exempt from the Act.”

He said provisions were included in the 2021 legislation, at the request of the Australian Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee to ensure certain sensitive commercial, financial, operational information under its control – like international sponsorships – remained confidential.

“These provisions will only apply to specific information in documents created or received by the Organising Committee.”

Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee president Andrew Liveris said the Authority would have the operational structure that best supported delivery of long-term sporting and community legacies across Brisbane and Queensland.

“The Authority will also have a close connection and working relationship with the Organising Committee, ensuring timelines, budgets and resources fulfil the Host Contract obligations.”

The nine Games Delivery partners are:

  • The Queensland Government.
  • The Commonwealth Government.
  • The Brisbane City Council.
  • The Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee.
  • The Sunshine Coast Council.
  • The City of Gold Coast.
  • The Australian Olympic Committee.
  • Paralympics Australia.
  • Council of Mayors (SEQ) Pty Ltd.