Soldier operating a drone. Newsreel

Defence Force reveals first laser weapon

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is trialing its first laser weapon, which can burn through steel and destroy objects a kilometre away. The ADFs Fractl Portable High
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Robotic welder. | Newsreel

Boost for Queensland defence companies

Three Queensland companies were awarded a share of almost $3 million in the last round of Federal Government defence industry funding, before a new grants program is
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Australian flag on army uniform sleeve. | Newsreel

Kiwis set to serve under Aussie flag

ANZAC ties are to set to be strengthened with New Zealanders living in Australia able to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF) from next month. Under changes to
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CSIRO moon-like testing centre in Brisbane. | Newsreel

Space innovators set course for Brisbane

Brisbane will host the world’s space innovators at an international conference later this year. The International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and
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Aerial view of Utingu on Cape York peninsula in Far North Queensland. | Newsreel

Property with stellar views and rocket access

Are you in the market for a slice of Far North Queensland paradise from which you can launch your spaceships? You’re in luck. Utingu, an 88ha parcel of freehold
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Inquiry into space launches from Australia - Newsreel

Inquiry opens the way for Australian space launches

The Federal Joint Standing Committee on Treaties has begun hearings to clear the way for space launches in Australia. The hearings have started in Canberra to review the
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Artisit's impression of NASA's proposed lunar railway. | Newsreel

NASA funds floating railway on Moon

NASA is planning for a levitating railway system on the moon, advancing a project in its latest round of funding. The Flexible Levitation on a Track (FLOAT) proposal is
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NASA to send missions to Planet Venus - Newsreel

NASA planning mission to ‘evil twin’ planet

In many respects the planet Venus is like the Earth’s evil twin. It is the closest planet to us in the solar system and has a similar mass and radius. But, while Earth
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Ghost Shark Australian Navy | Newsreel

Ghost Shark build gets teeth through accelerator

Australia’s first autonomous underwater combat vehicle, Ghost Shark, is set to become the focus the country’s maritime defence capability. A prototype of the
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F 35 jet fighter. | Newsreel

$765 billion defence strategy unites forces

Australia’s new National Defence Strategy aims to transition the country’s armed forces into an “integrated focused force” and will increase the annual Defence
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