Online meetings best when you look straight into the camera - Newsreel

The secret of effective online meetings unlocked

During the COVID-19 pandemic, workers had to make a quick transition to online video meetings. And very quickly they faced a dilemma. Do you look at the other person on
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James Cook University in Queensland. | Newsreel

Bid to boost commercialisation at regional unis

A new Queensland program will better connect regional universities to investors and help facilitate networking. The State Government is providing $7 million to establish
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Koala hugging a tree. | Newsreel

Koalas predict hot days and cool down

Koalas can predict a coming summer scorcher and lower their body temperature in advance. Researchers from the University of Sydney have observed free-ranging wild koalas
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QUT LGBTIQA Mural. Newsreel

Kelvin Grove mural celebrates Pride Month

A vivid mural celebrating QUT’s LGBTIQA+ community has been installed at the Kelvin Grove campus to celebrate International Pride Month. Designed the Brisbane
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Happy and angry faces in inanimate objects. | Newsreel

Emotional bias the same for all faces

Face-value has taken on a new meaning, with researchers finding our brain assigns the same bias when seeing faces in inanimate objects as it does to human faces. A QUT
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Houses made from 3D printed recycled plastic - Newsreel

3D printing turning recycled plastic into houses

Innovators in northern NSW are working on a revolutionary process to create houses out of 3D-printed recycled plastic. Southern Cross University’s ReCirculator program
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Mixed emotions are not the brain fighting with itself - Newsreel

Mixed feelings are not a sign of brain wars

Humans regularly experience mixed emotions. Sometimes in movies or cartoons it is depicted as having two different voices in the brain having an argument. It turns out
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Loneliness leading to disease and mental illness - Newsreel

Social disconnection lifting disease and dementia

The rising tide of loneliness in society is increasing heart disease, stroke and dementia. United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has described the situation as a
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Feet of person about to cross line with Australian flag. | Newsreel

Student visa crackdown from July

From July, visitors to Australia will no longer be able to apply for a student visa while still in the country. The Federal Government will also change rules for
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The Mountain frog is highly endangered - Newsreel

Battle to save endangered rainforest frog

Southern Cross University researchers are working to save an endangered species of frog by breeding it and reintroducing it to its natural habitat. The Mountain frog
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