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Editorial guidelines

Newsreel’s purpose exists to keep people who are interested in business, industry, community, education and government abreast of important developments and announcements. It is also a platform where thought leaders can provide well-articulated insights on issues and opportunities.

The site is designed to be factual and informative so it can be trusted to provide quality, well-curated content without being sensationalistic. Newsreel is a credible, accurate site where audiences can find substantial and trustworthy content on subjects that inform their professional, personal and working lives. It publishes content that is factual, informative and definitive.

Site principles

  • Readers have the right to news and information that is definitive and trustworthy.
  • Readers have the right to know the source and status of the content they are reading or seeing.
  • Readers have a right to ethical standards and respectful discussion.
  • Readers have a right to stories with headlines that genuinely reflect the story content.
  • Readers have a right to healthy, professional, constructive dialogue on important subjects.
  • Readers have a right to information that encourages informed opinions and decision-making.

Categories of content

To ensure site users are aware of the origins of Newsreel content, it is tagged based on the nature of the relationship with the source. The following is a guide to the various content categories.

  1. Newsreel original content (Content primarily created by Newsreel journalists)
  2. Partner content (Content from organisations that pay a retainer for guaranteed access to the Newsreel site)
  3. Advertisement (Content that is paid for by partners and is not considered to meet the criteria to be considered editorial)
  4. Other (Newsreel may, by agreement, publish some third-party content to supplement original Newsreel content. This will be appropriately attributed to the source).

Newsreel’s ownership

Newsreel is a wholly owned venture of Rowland Pty Ltd. It is, however, operated as a free-standing entity and its own management structure.