Robotic efficiency at ports focus of research

Aerial view of the port of Brisbane
Research is under way to enhance robotic unloading of shipping containers. | Photo: On Air (iStock)

Research to improve the efficiency in our ports has received $1.5m in funding from the Queensland Government.

Brisbane-based Young Guns Container Crew is developing robotic systems for more efficient and safer unloading of shipping containers.

The company, which operates in ports around the world, was one of 10 Queensland organisations to receive funding in this year’s round of Industry Research Projects Program grants.

Queensland Chief Scientist Kerrie Wilson said the projects selected focused on developing opportunities that translated research outcomes into commercialisation opportunities for innovative services and products.

Professor Wilson said QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute was another recipient. The institute will use funding to help address the current crisis of accessibility in psychiatry, while the University of Southern Queensland is advancing 3D concrete printing technologies that have the ability to produce low-carbon, sustainable and fire-resistant solutions to improve the protection of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

The full list of recipients are:

  • QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute: Optimisation of brain stimulation therapy in major depression through brain-network derived biomarkers. $987,750.
  • University of Southern Queensland: Aerated and 3D printed low-carbon emission concrete for bushfire resilient infrastructure. $962,962.
  • The University of Queensland: Next generation autonomous water monitoring system for managing flood and water quality risks for Queenslanders. $815,280.
  • Follow Me AI Pty Ltd: AI-Empowered, Video Based Uplift of Paralympic Classification Systems. $1,500,000.
  • Young Guns Container Crew Pty Ltd: Robotic systems for more efficient and safer unloading of shipping containers. $1,500,000.
  • The University of Queensland Circular: Economy Strategies: Transforming Waste PFAS into Advanced Battery Materials. $1,003,526.
  • Central Queensland University: Solving the aquaculture bottleneck – removing nitrogen and adding value to aquaculture wastewater. $601,538.
  • James Cook University: Optimising Transmission Grid Planning and Operations in North Queensland. $656,354.
  • Nbryo Pty Ltd: Quality control of bovine blastocysts for embryo transfer. $1,334,554.
  • RapidAIM Holdings Pty Ltd: Enhancing RapidAIM’s Digital Detection & Defence System and Service $523,273.