Tool to test 3G network shutdown impact

3G mobile phone
A new tool will help customers identify if the 3G network shutdown will impact their device. | Photo: Serts (iStock)

A new-online tool has been launched to help Australians determine if they will be impacted by the shutdown of the 3G network.

With major providers Telstra and Optus due to shut down their networks from August, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has created a tool which allows customers to enter their device’s IMEI number and see if it is affected by the 3G network switch offs.

In a statement the Association said customers were not required to enter any personal information to use the tool and entering the IMEI number would not reveal any personal information.

“The webpage contains instructions for locating a device’s IMEI number, as well as important information about the switch offs and contact information for each provider,” the statement said.

It said the switch would impact the functionality of any device that relied on the 3G network, including some 4G devices that relied on the 3G network for Triple Zero calls.

“These devices will appear to operate normally for voice, SMS and data, except will be unable to call Triple Zero once the 3G networks are switched off. These devices may include older devices, devices purchased overseas and brought into Australia, or those purchased on the ‘grey market’.”

Telstra’s switch off is planned for August 31, with Optus planning to switch off from September 1.

The Association said while TPG Telecom/Vodafone had already switched off its 3G network, affected devices may still be relying on Telstra and Optus’ 3G networks for Triple Zero and TPG Telecom/Vodafone customers should not assume that their device is unaffected.

Visit the Association website to access the tool.