Beachside lifestyle beckons for less than $1 million

Trinity Beach Cairns. | Newsreel
You can secure a house near Trinity Beach in Cairns for under $1 million. | Photo: Mathias Calabotta (iStock)

The Wide Bay, Central Queensland and Cairns are the pick of Queensland destinations for property buyers looking to downside by the beach for less than $1 million.

A Property Credit report has identified the top 50 “affordable” locations for those wanting a smaller property footprint and coastal living, without the multi-million dollar price tag.

In the Wide Bay region, houses in Craignish and Coral Cove and units in Bargara were flagged as having typical asking prices of between $649,000 and $890,000.

In Central Queensland, homes in Lammermoor, Taranganba and Pacific Heights could be secured for between $599,000 and $799,000, with Tannum Sands offering the best value in Queensland, with homes available for around $529,000.

In Cairns, if you had between $575,000 and $970,000, you would be in the running for homes in Mission Beach, Trinity Beach and Clifton Beach.

Across Australia the best unit buys are in Frankston, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, where asking prices are around $490,000.

If you want a house, you need to pack your bags for Western Australia to the Bunbury suburb of Dalyellup, where you only need to fork out $519,000 on average.

Property Credit CEO Giordano Stepancic said the report was tailored for Australians eager to enhance their quality of life by relocating to coastal areas, without compromising on cost.

Mr Stepancic said the methodology employed in the company’s “Affordable Coastal Havens” report involved an examination of listing counts and inventory levels, ensuring each suburb meet financial criteria and offered a sufficient range of real estate options, catering to various market conditions.

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