New agency to deliver state’s forensic services

Forensic scientist taking photos at crime scene. | Newsreel
A new Forensic Science Queensland agency will be set up. | iStock

Queensland will have a new Forensic Science Queensland agency with Parliament passing a bill to set up the framework to deliver forensic services in the state.

The Forensic Science Queensland Bill 2023 delivers on one of the 123 recommendations made in the 2022 Commission of Inquiry.

The agency will be led by a new Director of Forensic Science Queensland (FSQ) and be supported by a Forensic Science Queensland Advisory Council.

The Director will lead the provision of forensic services to the Queensland Police Service, the Director of Public Prosecutions, coroners, and other criminal justice entities.

The Advisory Council will monitor and review the policies and procedures of FSQ that relate to the administration of criminal justice.

Queensland becomes the first state with a dedicated statutory framework governing the provision of forensic services.

Forensic Science Queensland is expected to be assigned to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) in mid-2024.

DJAG will conduct an international recruitment campaign for the Director and an open expression of interest process for Advisory Council members.