Program aims to take WHS burden off teachers

Stressed teacher. | Newsreel
A pilot program aims to ease the admin burden on teachers. | Photo: Songsa Chalardpongpun (iStock)

Queensland teachers will have extra support to reduce administration tasks under a joint Federal-State pilot program.

The program will fund 11 specialist staff across 33 schools to manage workplace health, safety and wellbeing administrative workloads, with the aim that teachers can spend more time in the classroom.

Commonwealth funding, under the Workload Reduction Fund, will be matched with equal co-investment from the Queensland Government for the $1.8m pilot.

The State Government said schools had identified workplace health, safety and wellbeing as areas contributing to increasing workload for teachers.

At the end of this year, participating schools will assess whether having dedicated staff in schools to undertake these tasks has reduced administrative burden.

The 33 state schools involved in the pilot include secondary, primary and special schools, across Queensland.

The selection process included a cross-section of schools, including those with large and diverse facilities, smaller schools, and schools with a health and safety advisor in a teaching or principal role.