Feeling of youth missing from young people

Young woman looking worried. | Newsreel
Many young Australians feeling they are missing out at being young. | Photo: Fizkes (iStock)

Almost half of Australia’s youth say they are missing out on being young because of the wide range of social issues impacting their lives.

Monash University researchers detailed the findings in a report after analysing data from a recent Australian Youth Barometer.

The Monash Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice (CYPEP) report found cost of living pressures and balancing work and study meant 45 percent of Australians aged 18-24 felt they were missing out on being young.

Report Co-author Andrew Leap said challenges identified by young people revolved around four key areas of finances, work, education, and long-term planning.

Mr Leap said these challenges were closely interconnected and linked to feelings of missing out on being young.

The report found the feeling of missing out on youth was brought on by being worried about:

  • Having enough to eat (69 percent).
  • Financial difficulties (60 percent).
  • Staying in their current accommodation (50 percent).
  • Being unable to have children in the future (55 percent).

“This report has captured the constantly changing and challenging dynamics young people must endure to survive, thrive and experience ‘being young’,” Mr Leap said.

“It exemplifies their resilience and optimism despite the lack of institutional support. But most importantly, it guides decision-makers to move forward and support future generations to prosper from the perspective of young people.”

He said insufficient support was also associated with feelings of missing out, with analysis finding:

  • 56 percent thought there was not enough government support for mental health.
  • 55 percent thought there was not enough government support for education.
  • 51 percent thought there was not enough government support for employment.

Read the full report.