Online resource supports surrogacy journey

Woman feeling another woman's pregnant belly | Newsreel
A new website provides information on surrogacy in Australia. | Photo: Julie Amaral (iStock)

A new website is providing support for Australians investigating surrogacy.

The Federal Government’s Surrogacy in Australia website provides intending parents the information they need to navigate the legal issues and human rights considerations associated with surrogacy arrangements in this country.

It makes clear that commercial surrogacy is illegal in all states and territories and warns that in many other countries, surrogacy is unregulated or poorly regulated.

Federal Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said Australian surrogacy law protected the human rights of children born of surrogacy, their surrogate mothers and intended parents.

Each state and territory has its own laws about surrogacy arrangements and the website directs users to relevant laws in each jurisdiction.

“The website provides an overview of domestic surrogacy, surrogacy overseas, recognition of parentage in Australia, ethical guidelines on the use of assisted reproductive technology and human rights and surrogacy concerns,” Minister Dreyfus said.