Message of support is in the mail

Woman getting mail out of letterbox. | Newsreel
Millions of postcards featuring mental health messages will be sent out in May. | Photo: David F (iStock)

More than a million Queenslanders will be asked to play it forward when they receive a message of support from Beyond Blue this month.

In response to the pressing need for mental health support, Australia Post and Beyond Blue have increased distribution of an annual campaign, adding an extra one million postcards to the Connection Postcard program, specifically targeting regional and rural households during May.

In total, five million postcards will be sent nationwide, with just over a million earmarked for Queensland.

The postcards carry mental health messages which encourage greater community connection and mental wellbeing across the country.

A recent State of the Nation Report on Social Connection in Australia report found nearly one in three Australians grappled with loneliness, especially in remote or regional areas.

Australia Post Community and Stakeholder Engagement General Manager Nicky Tracey said the postcard initiative offered a simple way for people to connect.

“Millions of Australians will open their mailbox this May to discover a newly designed two-part ‘Connection Postcard’,” Ms Tracey said.

“One part includes important mental health information and Beyond Blue contact details, while the detachable second part includes a pre-paid postcard for recipients to pen a personalised note to send to a friend or loved one.”

Ms Tracy said since 2020 more than 16 million postcards had been delivered, with 95 percent of last year’s recipients who sent on the postcard saying they felt more positive.

Beyond Blue Chief Executive Officer Georgie Harman said the expanded campaign came at a time when greater community connection and awareness about accessible and affordable mental health supports was critical.

“While people have never been more digitally connected, the research shows too many people experience feelings of disconnection, loneliness and isolation.

“We hope to continue fostering genuine connection through the simple act of sending a personalised postcard, while also encouraging people to look after their mental health and know that Beyond Blue is always there for them with free support around the clock.”

The postcards include three new messages to encourage connection:

  • Share a thought: Send this postcard to someone you care about. Tell them why you’re thinking of them and that you’re never too far away for a chat.
  • Share a memory: Sharing a cherished memory you’ve experienced together can help you feel closer, even if apart.
  • Share a story: Stories help us connect and understand each other better. Let them know a story from your life lately and ask for one in return.