Gibson new chair of Queensland Theatre Board

Dean Gibson Queensland Theatre Board Chair
New Queensland Theatre Board Chair Dean Gibson | Photo: LinkedIn

Aboriginal filmmaker Dean Gibson is the new Chair of the Queensland Theatre Board.

A Guugu Yimithirr man, Mr Gibson is the first Aboriginal person to hold the leadership position with the company.

Queensland Arts Minister Leeanne Enoch said Mr Gibson’s appointment follows Elizabeth Jameson’s decision, in May, to step down from the role after 11 years.

Minister Enoch said Mr Gibson was a renowned filmmaker, storyteller and producer, with his Logie Award-winning work featured on ABC, SBS and NITV.

He has served on the Queensland Theatre Board since May 2021 and has been Deputy Chair of Queensland Theatre and Chair of the company’s Indigenous Reference Group.

Minister Enoch said Mr Gibson contributed to the company’s artistic direction and programming of First Nations storytelling, and guided pathways and opportunities for First Nations artists and creatives.

She said the Queensland Theatre Board also welcomes three new members – Stephanie Parkin, Christine Castley and Michael Dart – to work alongside Mr Gibson and existing members Tracey Barker, Liz Burcham, Associate Professor Stephen Carleton, Rachel Crowley and Susan Learmonth.

Stephanie Parkin is a Quandamooka woman, co-founder of Parallax Legal, and an intellectual property lawyer dedicated to promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights and protocols within the arts and other industries.

Christine Castley is Chief Executive Officer of Multicultural Australia, which provides services and support programs for refugees and migrant communities and has extensive senior leadership and advisory experience in state government.

Michael Dart is Chief Customer Officer, Energy Queensland with significant executive management, stakeholder relations, policy development and communications experience for state and local governments and private sectors.

Mr Gibson said his career behind the camera had taught him that everything started with a story and ended with a story.

“Story must be at the heart of this company — stories that challenge, stories that celebrate, and stories that bring truth to our past — they all have their place on our stages, across Queensland,” he said.

“I hope my time as Chair of Queensland Theatre reflects my commitment to robust storytelling and artistic opportunities, especially for our Queensland stories and artists.

“As we approach pivotal moments in our state, including truth-telling and the Brisbane Olympics 2032, I am confident that Queensland Theatre will play a pivotal role in amplifying our stories and people to the world through the magic and power of live theatre.”