Dinosaur added to list of Queensland state emblems

Muttaburrasauras skeleton. | Newsreel
Poster child: The Muttaburrasauras is now a state symbol. | Muttaburrasauras skeleton

The Queensland Government has added the Muttaburrasauras dinosaur to the state’s list of official state emblems.

Muttaburrasauras langdoni was discovered in 1963 by grazier Doug Langdon on Roseberry Downs Station near Muttaburra in Central Queensland.

As the most complete fossil to be unearthed in Australia at the time, Muttaburrasauras was also the nation’s first dinosaur to be cast, mounted and replicated.

Muttaburrasauras joins the Cooktown Orchid, koala, Great Barrier Reef Anemone fish, brolga, the sapphire and the colour maroon as symbols of Queensland.

Queensland Museum Senior Scientist and Curator Palaeontology, Dr Scott Hocknull said he was thrilled to witness the recognition of Muttaburrasauras as a Queensland State Emblem, following a public poll.

“This remarkable dinosaur symbolises Queensland’s rich paleontological heritage and the importance of preserving our unique prehistoric legacy for generations to come,” he said.