Cairns’ cultural cred rewarded in ranking

Aerial view of Cairns in Far North Queensland. | Newsreel
Cairns, in Queensland's far north, is one of the nation's most cultural cities when population is taken into account. | Photo: John Carnemolla (iStock)

Cairns is Queensland’s most cultural city, based on a study which took into account a town’s population.

Preply, an online language learning company, compared the number of attractions on offer in a city with its population to create a ‘cultural experience score’.

Cairns topped Queensland’s towns and cities, pipping Gladstone, with the pair the only places to make Australia’s top 10.

The study looked at a range of experiences, such as tours, attractions, museums, theatres, libraries, hatted restaurants, markets, concerts and shows to come up with figure which represented the number of cultural experiences per 10,000 people in the centre.

Alice Springs was the best in the nation with 14.2 experiences per 10,000 people.

While Cairns scored highly in all categories, its higher population led to a cultural experience score of 5.1, the ninth highest in the country, with Gladstone 10th with a score of 4.7.

New South Wales, with four towns featured, dominated the top 10.

The study found the nation’s most cultural capital cities, per capita, were Darwin, Hobart, and Canberra.


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